Get Even Launch Trailer Explains The Reality Bending Plot

Get Even

Developer Farm51 and Publisher Bandai Namco upcoming first person shooter Get Even is just one day away from its release and they have dropped another trailer but this time it finally explains the strange story of the game.

The trailer explains that the players are under the effect of a device named Pandora which allows them to relive any memories or moment again and again but the catch here is you don’t relive the happy times only your worst mistakes and regrets.

the voice further explains that the Pandora puts the subjects into a similar condition as the Greek deity Prometheus who stole the fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind and in return received an eternal punishment from Zeus, he was tied to a rock and an eagle ate his liver away but he would no die. his liver would regenerate every time and the eagle would return to eat it again.

You can see in the trailer that there are other subjects wearing the Pandora who have lost their sanity. reliving their sad and painful memories, again and again, has made them unable to differentiate between reality and illusion and are trapped forever at the mercy of the device.

Nothing much has been revealed about the gameplay. but it is known that it will have guns with infrared system and smartphones capable of scanning murder scenes with players making their way through dark narrow passages.

Get Even brings a really different narrative filled with mystery, confusion and Horror element. it would be interesting to see how this psychological thriller story unfolds and what is really the truth behind the experiments.

The game was scheduled original scheduled to release on 22 May 2017 but was delayed in respect of the victims in the recent Manchester Bombings in England. according to the new schedule, it will be releasing on 23 June 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox one. for more information, you can visit the official Website or Steam Page.

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