Zelda: Breath Of Wild’s Hard Will Have Separate Save Slot

Zelda: breath Of Wild

Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of Wild has been wildly successful and during E3 they announced a new Expansion pack for the game which will extend players adventure further into Hyrule.

the first DLC of the game includes the Hard mode which is also known as the master mode. this mode will have tougher enemies who will gradually regain health they will also have higher maximum level than the normal mode.

Just like other games to play on a different difficulty, you will need to start a new campaign. but Zelda works in different ways to start a new playthrough players will have to overwrite their previous saves and start afresh. this made many Zelda fans worried because to play the new mode they will have to erase over a hundred hours of playthrough which sounds scary.

Fortunately, Nintendo is showing mercy to the fans. the Nintendo’s UK website announced that the Hard Mode will have a separate save slot. but it will provide only 2 save spots in it unlike the 6 save spots in the normal mode.

The First DLC will have other content like:-

The Trails Of Sword – a new challenge in which Link will fight with enemies in a room without any weapons or equipment after clearing 45 room trails players will awaken the power of the Master Sword permanently.

Hero’s Path Mode – a new map feature which leaves a trail behind Link it will be helpful to navigate which area you have visited and which area you have not yet explored.

Travel Medallion – with the medallion you can a create fast travel point to any specific place on the map. but you can create only one of those point with the medallion.

Korok Mask – the mask will be helpful to find hidden Korok around the world. while wearing it whenever Link is near a hidden Korok it will shake and shine and reveal its location.

Armor – the DLC includes 8 new type of armor some of them are Phantom armor, Majora’s Mask, Midna’s Helmet and Tingle’s Outfit.

Zelda: Breath of wild first expansion will release on 30 June 2017 and it will not be a stand alone pack. only the owners of the main game will be able to buy it for $19.99. this package also includes the second DLC which will come later.

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