Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Writer Says This May Not Be The End Of The Series

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a few months away from release and the developers are trying to create hype for their game. first, at E3 the showed a story trailer about Chloe and Nadine adventure in Indian ruins and now they have released another video with gameplay in it which is amazing and just looks like another Uncharted game.

Many people are speculating that this might be the end of the franchise because the latest installment to the series is a spin-off and Nathan Drake out is of the picture but luckily this might not be true.

According to a recent interview between Eurogamer and Shaun Escayg, the creative director and writer of the game revealed that this might not be the end of the franchise and there is just so much more to explore.

When asked if The Lost Legacy would mean the end of the main story and Nathan Drake? he replied

I wouldn’t say it’s the end. This thieving world is huge

But to say the Uncharted world is done… I doubt that highly.

he further revealed that at the beginning Chloe and Nadine were not the only characters they thought about for The Lost Legacy

“There’s so many characters. Even before we settled on this particular story we were exploring Sullivan, we were exploring Cutter, and pairing each other up, thinking what would be right, what would have conflict, growth, something new, something fresh. And Chloe was the one that kept jumping out.”

This news will certainly cheer every Uncharted fans the franchise might not end and plus it also gives a ray of hope that there is a possibility for Nathan Drake to return.

But all these may depend on how successful the Lost Legacy becomes. although Nathan is not the game and we will miss him badly. I still think a different approach to a series is always needed to make it more refreshing and who knows maybe the game surprise us.

Anyways Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be released on 22 August 2017 exclusively for PS4 and will cost $39.99. for more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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