Pokemon Go New Update adds Co-op raid and New Gym Features

Pokemon Go

Developer and Publisher Niantic’s free to play augmented reality game Pokemon Go will soon complete its first anniversary this July and to celebrate this the game is going to receive a major update to its gameplay. the update will revamp the current gym, and add new Co-op raids, Badge system, and new items.

New Gym Features

The gym will certainly receive a major overhaul in the new update to Pokemon Go. trainers will now be able to spin photo disc to get the same items as the pokestop. the gym will now have six permanent slots and each slot has to be filled with a Unique Pokemon by the controlling team and they will combat enemy Pokemon in the order they were assigned to the gym.

Another change to the gym is the addition of motivation system the Pokemon added to the gym slot will now have a motivation meter beside it. and they will lose motivation gradually over time and also if it is defeated in battle. the decrease in motivation meter will temporarily lower the CP making it easier for the enemy to defeat it. if a Pokemon loses all its motivation and is defeated he will return to its trainer. to keep the motivation up trainers will have to feed them berries frequently.

Co-op Raid System

Multiplayer option will now be a major feature in the Pokemon Go now which are available at gyms. before a raid battle, a huge egg will appear on the top gym when the eggs pop a powerful Pokemon will appear known as Raid Boss. the raid can be played by up to 20 players and have to work together to defeat the Raid Boss under five minutes.

To join Raid Battle, you will need raid pass which can be obtained by visiting the gym. it will only give one raid pass per day and at a time a trainer can hold only one pass.

New Items

Successfully defeating the boss will give trainers a chance to catch a Powerful Pokemon for their collection and will also give a lot of new items which can only be only obtained by defeating the Raid Boss like Rare Candies, Golden Razz Berries, and two types of Technical Machines Fast and Charged.

  • Rare Candies – when used on a Pokemon it turns it to candy.
  • Golden Razz Berries – when used it will increase the chance to catch the wild Pokemon and it can be also used on the gym Pokemon to fully recover its motivation bar.
  • Technical Machines Fast and Charged – it used to permanently teach a Pokemon either a Fast attack or a Charged attack

Gym Badges

The trainers will now receive gym badges for interacting various gym around the world. the badges can be upgraded by battling, feeding gym Pokemon berries and by spinning gym’s photo disc. higher level badges will give an opportunity to receive bonus items and reward from the gym.

They changes will hit soon for all the players in the world but till then Gym has been temporarily disabled. the co-op features will be rolled out slowly in form of beta and gradually over time will be released for everyone.

For more information, you can visit the official website.

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