Nintendo Switch Shortage May Continue Throughout 2017 Due to lack of Components

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a hit and also one of the best-selling console in the gaming industry. the hybrid console first launched on 3 March 2017 and within a week Nintendo reported that the Switch has been the fastest selling console of their company. just after a month from the release date Nintendo in its year-end report for its 2016 fiscal year which ended on March 31, 2017, stated that the company has sold 2.74 million unit of Switch worldwide.

The demand for the console is so high that Nintendo is unable to keep with up with the supply and it is raising dissatisfaction among consumers. but it’s not like they are not doing anything to control the situation. the company previously aimed to produce 10 million units in the first year but the due to high demand they had to increase it to 18 million units.

According to Daniel Ahmad, a video game industry Analyst at Niko Partners said that the Nintendo Switch shortage may prevail throughout the 2017 and the production has slowed down due to the shortage of components.

This may be true because earlier according to a WallStreetJournal article which reported that Nintendo wants to increase the production of Switch to meet public demand and stock up before the Holiday Season arrives but they are competing for hardware parts which are being used by Tech Gaint Apple. and Apple may just have given the production company better offer than Nintendo.

The whole situation is bad for the company they finally produced another high demand console which remained top sellers in March and April and is anticipated that it may be top seller throughout the year and someday even break Wii sales record of 100 million units.

But unfortunately, they are facing a situation which is not under their control. hope their situation gets better because Holiday season is just a few months away and I am pretty sure it’s gonna be a Chaos as Super Mario Odyssey a Nintendo Switch exclusive title is also coming this October.

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