Atari Is Making A Comeback With A New Console Ataribox


Atari is preparing for its return in the gaming industry with a new console named Ataribox. the legendary company is one of the oldest game company around unfortunately they fell into financial crisis and had to file for bankruptcy protection in 2013. but one year later it came back from its financial woes under Fred Chesnais guidance.

In a talk with VentureBeat, current CEO of Atari Fred Chesnais revealed that they are indeed working on a new Console and also said that they are ‘”we’re back in the hardware business.”

Though he did not reveal much about it. but he did say that the Ataribox was under making for many years and will be based on PC technology. the company is still working on the design and will reveal release date later.

Ataribox Teaser Trailer:

You can see in the video teaser a wood grain siding and metal finish on top which looks similar to the Atari 2600 but was made of plastic molding and was retro-styled in design. maybe a similar console with a modern touch and better components are coming our way.

After it’s bankruptcy the company is trying hard to come back according to Chesnais, the company is now profitable and is currently making mobile games and is licensing its Atari name heavily like licensing its brand name for the upcoming BladeRunner 2049 movie.

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