Xbox One X Is Not For Everyone – Xbox Head Phil Spencer

Xbox One X

Microsoft’s rumored Project Scorpio as Xbox One X was unveiled at E3 which is loaded with insane raw power. during Microsoft’s conference, they displayed the capability of the latest console by running various games at 4K and some of them with enhanced graphics which was achieved by supersampling. With its specification, the console is certainly a beast in the gaming industry. but the price tag of $500 which is not being received by some people.

Most of the gamers and critics are saying that the console is just too expensive for an average consumer and though the console is best the market can currently offer but at $500 it is just not worth it for them.

However, Phil Spencer has a different vision for Xbox One X in a recent interview with Giant Bomb he said they are not seeing One X as a mass selling console and it is meant to cater the wants and need of a very specific audience.

Xbox One X is specifically a console, so it’s for someone who wants to play on a console, who wants the most powerful console, a premium experience… it’s not for everyone, just like the Elite Controller, a $150 controller is not for everybody,”

He further explained that they are currently more focused on selling more units of Xbox One S than One X because the price is important for people.

Some of you just get the controller you have, and go and play your games, and so we’re going to play a lot of Xbox One S’s. We’ll sell more S’s than X’s because the price point is important to a lot of people. But there are some people out there who go and buy a Titan X and put it in their PC, and it’s for a specific thing, and there’s also people on the console side that buy a PS4 Pro or an Elite controller, and want the best experience that their console ecosystem offers. And I wanted to make sure that the best that Xbox offers would be the best thing that anybody is offering right now.”

Spencer answer was quite sensible but saying that their best console is not meant for some people is just does not seem right

Honestly, the console might be a big seller and a turning point for the Xbox brands. but there are a lot of hurdle for it not just from the price point but also from the industry.

Agreed that it is expensive but its capabilities seem to justify it and as Spencer earlier said that the One X will not generate any profit for them and their money making business is not from Hardware sales but from the sales of games. no wonder Microsoft is also releasing exclusive games for its console to stay in competition against Sony’s PS4.

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