Mythical Marshadow Details Revealed For Pokemon Sun and Moon



The latest mythical Pokemon Marshadow is known to fans since the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon in 2016. the tiny Pokemon was officially revealed on 7 April 2017 but no information were released. But finally, now the Pokemon Company has provided more details on it.

It is one the 7 legendary and mythical Pokemon announced for Generation seven. according to its bio, it is a gloom dweller Pokemon and the reason why it’s so rare is because it always keeps itself hidden and never appears before humans and so its existence has become a myth. Marshadow is able to sink himself in shadow and observe everything which let it even copy movements and power.

One unique thing about it is out of all the Pokemon known till now it is the first Fighting/Ghost type Pokemon which is extremely rare. Though Fighting types are not at all good against Psychic Powers the fact that it is also a ghost type gives it an edge over its opponents.

There is a new move which Marshadow can learn and is known as Spectral Thief which steals the stats boost from its opponent and uses it as a damage and attacks.

It also has an exclusive Z move named Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike it can be only used by a Marshadow who has learned Spectral Thief and is holding special Z-Crystal Marshadium Z which cannot be earned by gameplay.

Although with all these information there is still no details about how you can catch or when and how you can get the QR code. the last mythical Pokmon Magearna, was made available to players through a QR code distribution in December and seems Marshadow may be released in the same way. for more information, you can visit the Official Pokemon Sun and Moon Website.

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