Microsoft’s Reason On Why You Cant Pre-Order Xbox One X Right Now

Xbox One X

Microsoft’s latest console Xbox One X announcement at the E3 2017 event has created a storm in the gaming industry. the console was announced by the Head of Xbox Phil Spencer as the most powerful console ever which will set a new standard for both gamers and developers. it was further revealed that the console will be launching on 7 November 2017 worldwide with a price tag of $499.

But the Pre-order option was missing which everybody wondered why? major retailers around the world updated their store with Xbox One X only to later change to “Unavailable at the Moment”.

Earlier according to Sony’s website it was reported that the FCC hasn’t approved Xbox One yet, and that’s why you can’t pre-order it neither online nor through the retailers. But recently in an interview with Gamertag Radio, the Senior Director of Product Management for Microsoft Albert Penello said:-

“We are a long way away from launch. So I think we wanted to have a really strong E3 around talking about the product and talking about the games. We are going to do pre-orders closer to launch, I think we are going to have some fun stuff to talk about with pre-orders that we haven’t talked about now.”

Fun stuff? could he mean more games? Microsoft has already showcased 42 games at E3 out of which 22 were console exclusive. so maybe more AAA exclusive coming for Xbox One X.

Another reason maybe something with the Virtual Reality features about which they remained silent. at E3 everything was displayed the 4K resolution and the enhanced graphics via supersampling. but there was no display of VR capabilities.

Or the console may not be ready for mass production and mass supply to fulfill they demand yet. which happened to Nintendo Switch the demand was so high for it that the company had to increase the mass production from 10 Million unit to 18 Million units.

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