Mark Cenry On Death Stranding Gameplay – It Is In The Best Sense Possible A Kojima Game

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming mysterious game Death Stranding has been one of the games which has not revealed much but has still managed to create a buzz in the community. as it is being published by Sony it was expected that Kojima will reveal more about it at the E3 2017 Sony’s conference.

Unfortunately, a few days before the event its was announced by Kojima and his team that the game will not be appearing at the event because it is still under heavy development. but Kojima himself was presented at the event for other purposes.

But in a post-event interview between Sid Shuman and PS4’s lead architect Mark Cerny he was askedĀ  about the Guerilla Games’ Decima Engine and how it might work with the PS4 Pro to which Mark answered :-

“the Decima is an Engine which is customized to use detailed capabilities of PS4 and now the PS4 Pro and specifically on the Pro they are using supersampling to support 1080P HD TV as well as higher quality texture”.

Interestingly Decima Engine has been used before in games like Killzone Shadow Fall, Until Dawn and Horizon Zero Dawn and now in Death Stranding. but Kojima has made changes to the Engine according to his needs so we may see even better graphics and gameplay than The Horizon.

Further, he was asked if he can tell any details about the game to which he answered

“As for gameplay I have seen some early work but I haven’t gotten my hands on the controller yet but I can say that the game shows a certain clarity of vision. It is in the best sense possible ‘a Kojima game”.

Not gonna lie I am a bit jealous that Mark got to see the gameplay of Death Stranding. but it is good to know that it is developing well under the industry icon Hideo Kojima with actors like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen.

You can check out Mark’s interview below:-

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