Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is at “Day Zero Of Development” – Michel Ancel

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Developer and Publisher Ubisoft surprised everyone at E3 event with the announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2. they released a new trailer for the game which showedcased multiculturalism and vast empires consisting of various types of creatures. all though the CGI trailer was good it showed none of the gameplay elements.

The reason for not showing any gameplay might be because the development of the game hasn’t started yet. According to an interview with Verge, Ancel stated that the game is still at “day zero of development. initially, it was planned to be a sequel but later on the plans where changed and the team decided that it will be a prequel before the birth of Jade.

Further, into the Verge reports reveals that the development of solar simulation system technology which is required to power the massive intergalactic world was started three years ago.

Ancel further adds “when you don’t have this technology, you can’t really start the game,” Ancel explains. “It’s too difficult. But now we can say for sure that we will make this game, we’ll finish it. Because we have the technology for it.”

Currently, Ubisoft is running a Space Monkey Program in which fans will be able to share their ideas, test all the gameplay elements and help in the development of the game. its sound like a better version of closed beta as the game development has not yet started the developers may listen to the community ideas. if you wish to join the program you can sign up at the Official Website.

No release date has been announced yet for Beyond Good And Evil 2. but it is expected to release in 2018 for more information you can visit the Official Website.

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