E3: Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown Gameplay Shows Unique PVP With Monster Hunting

Hunt: Showdown

Developer and Publisher Crytek have showcased the gameplay demo of their upcoming game Hunt: Showdown at the E3 event and its looks incredible. the game was first announced in 2014 as Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age but later due to the financial crisis the studio was shut down and Hunt’s future seemed bleak. but in may 2017 they released a new trailer announcing that the game is still in production under a new name Hunt: Showdown.

In the gameplay displayed at E3, weapons, loot system and how the Player versus Player system will work.

So the game will have player versus player mode in which five teams consisting of two players each will be facing off each other in a dark world. the objective is to track down the boss demons kill it and collect the bounties and safely exit and all these has to be done before the other team.

Player will start the game in a loadout screen where they will choose the equipment they want to bring in the map. but it must be chosen wisely because any equipment like weapons you bring in the map will be lost forever if you die during the hunt.

The game has permadeath in it but there is also a reviving mechanics which allows your partner to revive you only if he does it within a time frame and for doing that he will lose a huge part of his health.

Fortunately, there are several supply camps scattered across the map where players can heal and stock up more ammo but there is a catch the camps are surrounded with torchlight and entering them reveals your location to all the other teams.

So according to the gameplay demo, all the teams will basically start on a random location on the map and they will fight through various kind of demons while finding clues to a special boss which is everyone’s target in the game. players can use their super power to locate clues and after locating the clues they can connect with it to locate the boss.

But your are not the only team hunting the boss other teams will be doing the same. after killing demon boss the player will need to banish it to hell which takes time and only after sending them to hell they will get the bounties. but when you begin the process everyone in the map is alerted about your location and of the bounties and that’s when the real showdown begins.

All the teams will then try to stop the team who has the bounties before they exit and try to get it for themselves. the fight between teams will certainly draw the attention of other demons and they too will get involved in the fight which will force teams to attack and defends simultaneously.

Hunt: Showdown certainly shows promises to be a good PVP game it like a combination of Player Unknown Battlegrounds and Resident Evil. the game also allows players to have their own playstyle they can either follow clues and kill the demon or just track an unsuspecting team and kill them when they get the bounties.

Either way, to get anything done you would have to be Co-operative with your partner.

Hunt: Showdown has no release date yet but it is expected to release in late 2017 or 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. for more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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