E3: Call Of Cthulhu New Trailer Dives Into Insanity And Reveals Cult

Your meaning of sanity will change in Call Of Cthulhu

Call Of Cthulhu

Developer Cyanide and Publisher Focus Home Interactive have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Call Of Cthulhu. the game is an RPG survival horror based on H.P Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu and has the investigation and stealth element to fondle the truth about the mysterious Lovecraftian Mythos.

The game is set in early 1920 and follows the story of a private investigator Edward Pierce who is investigating the mysterious death Sarah Hawkins and her family in the Darkwater Island near Boston, Massasschusets.

The trailer shows a troubled Edward Pierce who is slowly losing his sanity. the more he investigates the case the closer he gets to the Cthulhu’s sphere of influence, which makes him question his own thoughts, the reality around him and he even starts to doubt his own existence. the only way out of this nightmare is by controlling his sanity and stopping the awakening of Cthulhu.

I am actually a bit pissed this is the third trailer for their game the first one was released in E3 2016, the second trailer was the Depth of Madness and now another one at E3 2017 and none of them shows any gameplay and every trailer is filled with CGI explaining the same thing again and again.

Cyanide and Focus have big responsibilities her the Cthulhu Mythos is one of the most loved Lovecraftian Mythos out there. even the Call Of Cthulhu RPG and the Call Of Cthulhu Dark Corner Of The Earth were good though a bit buggy but was loved by the community.

I really wanna see how they portray Cthulhu in the game as he, not actually a monster he is like ancient being who can’t be killed and is far superior and intelligent than the humans. I just hope that the game is not another kill the monster win the game.

And again no release date has been announced yet but the game will be releasing for PC, PS4, and Xbox. For more information, you can visit the official website.

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