E3: A Plague Tale: Innocence Announced With Rats Infested Trailer, Plus More Details

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Developer Asobo Studio and Publisher Focus Home Interactive is bringing a new game named A Plague Tale: Innocence. the game was recently announced at the E3 event and is one of the games which has piqued everyone’s interest.

The game is set on realistic medieval event in 1349 France a time when the country was under a terrible plague spread by the infected rats. the trailers focus on two orphans a girl named Amicia and his little brother Hugo who on their journey will find other orphans and together they will have to not only protect themselves from the hordes of rats but also from the Inquisition who are after them and survive through the darkest hours of the history.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Trailer:

Not much information has been given in the trailer but it shows a key mechanics of the game the use of fire and light seems like rats can be kept away with the use of it.

More details of A Plague Tale: Innocence was found in an Interview by Game Watcher with the Lead Game Designer. and the important things I found in it were

It is a third-person action-adventure inspired by two other titles The Last Of US and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in both the games the narration of the story. the emotion and deep gameplay were important and they want to do the same with their game too.

The game will have fire and slingshot to defend yourself from various threats. there are some RPG element like you can upgrade the slingshot by unlocking that feature while progressing the would. there would be more thing added later but has been kept a secret for now.

No release date has been set for A Plague Tale: Innocence but according to the interview, it may come in 2018. for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. though there is no information in Official Website it may update later.

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