Rocket League Devs: Cross Platform For PS4 Is Ready Sony just Needs To Agree

Rocket League

At E3 Microsoft Conference it was announced that Minecraft will get a Cross Platform play option and later Nintendo announced the same for Rocket League. Users from Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC can now play Minecraft and Rocket League with each other. except for PS4 users because Sony has refused the proposal to be a part of it and the reason behind doing it is just unacceptable.

According to an Interview by Polygon with the Jeremy Dunham, VP of Psyonix said that they want to get the soccer-inspired game on all platforms so everybody can play with each other but the only thing stopping them from doing it is Sony’s refusal.

When asked what’s the reason for saying no to one of the most needed feature he replied:-

“I wish I had the answer to that,” Dunham said. “The only thing that we know is that we can’t do it yet. I can tell you this: From Psyonix, we would do whatever we would need to do to make it possible to be cross-network play with all the other platforms and PlayStation 4. They just need to tell us what that is.”

Dunham also stated an important thing that all the technical work for PS4 crossplay is already done and if Sony agrees the feature would be live in less than an hour for all user across the world.

“It’s literally something we could do with a push of a button, metaphorically,” Dunham told Polygon. “In reality it’s a web page with a checkbox on it. All we have to do is check that box and it would be up and running in less than an hour all over the world. That’s all we need to do.”

Sony decision has sparked anger across gamers from various platforms and but have also united them for the cause.

Let’s hope Sony listen to the gaming community and bring the cross play feature.

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