Until Dawn Devs Bring Hidden Agenda A Crime Thriller For PS4

Hidden Agenda

Developer Supermassive Games and Publisher Sony have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Hidden Agenda. the game is a third-person crime thriller which is heavily inspired by Until Dawn

The story of the game follows two playable characters homicide detective Becky Marnie and district attorney Felicity Graves who are investigating a case involving a serial killer named Trapper who sets deadly traps on his victim bodies to kill the first responders to the crime scene.

Just like Until Dawn it will also feature quick time events and your decisions will set the course of the game. it will have plenty of possible outcomes and your choices will either let everyone die or let everyone live.

Hidden Agenda Trailer:

But unlike the single player Until Dawn in Hidden Agenda, you have the multiplayer option you can either ride the thriller solo or group up with four other friends which mean its supports up to five different players.

The multiplayer option also uses Sony’s new feature called PlayLink and each player in the game will be able to influence the game with the help of an app via a smartphone.

But there is a twist one of the player will receive a different task known as “Hidden Agenda” through the app. the player who receives the secret task will have to convince or influence other players decisions to complete his motive and other players need to find the one with the secret motive, know what it is and prevent it from happening.

There is no fixed release date yet but it will be coming in 2017 exclusively for PS4.

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