E3: The Evil Within 2 Is The Worst Nightmare You Can Imagine

The Evil Within 2

Developer Tango Gameworks and Publisher Bethesda have announced a new Horror game The Evil Within 2. the game is the sequel to The Evil Within and comes from the director of Resident Evil series Mastermind Shinji Mikami.

During the E3 Event, Bethesda unveiled the game first announcement Trailer which was mind boggling filled with twist and turns. Detective Sebastian Castellanos has already been broken when he was pulled into the dark realm by a mysterious force while solving a murder case though he survived the menace of the hellish world he lost everything. but now he came to know that her daughter Lily is alive and must again return to STEM to rescue her.

An Evil within game would not be complete without a plot twist and Mobius must have planned something for Sebastian to take revenge. Is he getting betrayed? is her falling for a trap? and is Lily even alive after all this year? and even if she is alive is she really her daughter? there is just so much mystery behind this game.

Announcement Trailer:

Bethesda later also released a gameplay video for the game according to the description the crumbling hellish world is made from Lily’s mind as the core. just like the first game players would once again experience the narrow hallways and encounter demons in a small area which made people feel claustrophobic just by playing it and the addition of terrifying music just increase the level of fear in the game.

This time the game is a bit more non-linear which means that the players would have to explore more of the dark world to find their path. but it does change the core gameplay which it is known for. more exploring would mean more encounters with enemies and in this scenario players would have to be careful while using ammo and others resources which limited.

Gameplay Trailer:

The Evil Within 2 would be releasing on 13 October 2017 yes a release date on Friday 13th. the game will be coming for PC, PS4, and Xbox and will cost $59.99. for more information, you can visit the Steam Page or Official Website.

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