E3: Bioware Reveal’s First Gameplay Trailer Of Anthem


During the Microsoft E3 conference, Bioware revealed a new gameplay trailer for Anthem after dropping a teaser trailer just the day before. The new IP is said to be an open world RPG which is filled Gaint monsters and Mech suit.

The footage from the trailer was captured while running on Microsft’s latest console Xbox One X. though unlike other games it was not mentioned if it was running on native 4K or using enhanced graphics through supersampling. well still 4K or not the game is using frostbit engine and the graphics are looking amazing.

Anthem Gameplay Trailer:

The trailer starts off in a first person perspective in a market area with many people. soon the female protagonist Michelle is approached by a man named Praxley who informs her that he hired some people who weren’t freelancer to get a job done but now they are in trouble outside the wall and request her to bring them alive.

The playable characters who wear Exo-suit are called “Freelancers” they are responsible for exploring the unknown world and protecting fellow humans from threats. the Exo-suit are called Javelins which gives players superhuman abilities. players can also customize the Exo suit into anything they want.

There are different types of exo-suits and each has different strength like the Ranger Exo suit is balanced and can be used for different purposes but the Colossus Exo suit is made to tank with is equipped lots of heavy firepowers.

Moving forward into the trailer you would see the vast open world which players can explore by flying around with help of javelin and if you get bored of flying you can also dive deep into underwater areas. the trailer also showcases various types of creatures in the world.

While searching the worker you can see a band of enemies who are called Scars. I assume these are one of the various classes of enemies we can find in Anthem. while eliminating the scars we also get to see the combat mechanics which filled with rocket barrage and gunfires.

The game display some RPG elements like gaining XP from discovering new areas and by killing enemies. seems like the XP is used to level up your Exo-suits which might unlock more upgrades. we also get a slight glimpse of looting system in which Michelle gets a rifle called Jarra’s Wrath” which had different stats below it.

The game also involves dynamic supernatural disaster like the one we see in the trailer called Shaper Storm which is filled with lighting and rain.

Anthem does not have a release date yet but it will come in Fall 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox. For more information, you can visit the official Website.

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