Need For Speed Payback E3 Campaign and Customization Details

Need for speed payback

EA Games on its’s first day of the EA Play event has revealed some new details and gameplay of Need For Speed Payback.

The gameplay is a small part which takes place in an imaginary place called Fortune Valley. the brief demo displays the 3 playable characters Tyler, Jess and Mac in a Heist mission against the cartels known as The House.

In the mission, the protagonists pursue a truck in their Mustang which is transporting a Super Car Koenigsegg belonging to The House and the truck itself is protected by a group of other cars known as the Enforcers. The objective of the mission is to intercept the truck and steal the car before it reaches the city.

To get to the truck you have to take down the Enforcers similar to Burnout and all this action takes place just like in Hollywood set pieces filled with explosions, helicopters, Cops and more.

You can watch the action below in the video from Mathchief Youtube Channel:

Need For Speed Payback Gameplay and Customization:

EA also displayed some of the new garage system and customization features. the new garage allows players to store an unlimited amount of cars. it also comes with a new feature known as the Derelict slot these are the cars which you can find in the open world environment either by exploring or by challenging other racers. players can build this car from scratch with any type of customization they want.

They also introduced another feature known as super build which basically turns a car into a super car by enhancing its performance for certain scenario. there are 4 type of builds in the game

  • Drag Build
  • Drift Build
  • Race Build
  • Off Road Build

Lastly, they displayed some of the old and new cars which you find in the game. the previous game had BMW M4 but Payback would have an upgraded version BMW M4 GTS. the Nissan 350Z will be making its return along with other muscles cars like Chevrolet Camaro SS.

Need For Speed Payback will be releasing on 10 November 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. for more information you can visit the Official Website.

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