E3: A Way Out Revealed, Co-op Prison Break Game

Explore the story of two prisoners in A Way out

A Way Out

Developer Hazelight Studio and Publisher EA Games have revealed their new upcoming game titled A Way out at the EA Play event. the creators of the game are the same people who developed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

The game is a story about two people Vincent and Leo who are prisoners and are planning to escape to reunite with their families. the game is highly story driven in which players will able to experience the adventure and emotional journey of the duo.

It does not have a single player campaign and needs two people to control both the characters separately in a split screen Co-op. both the characters will be played simultaneously helping each other out in the game like if one character is in a cut scene the other character can be still be controlled. the player can always see what his partner is doing scaling buildings, driving, fighting the guards and more. it can be played online but it is best to play to play it offline.

Also, both the characters have different personalities Vincent is cool and calm whereas Leo is just the opposite a total hothead and aggressive individual. the separate attitude works uniquely in the game like for the same scenario you can see both characters responding differently you can see this in the TimeStamp 1:13 in the gameplay video.

Josef Fares is the Director and writer of this game and it is also the first game under his new Studio Hazelight his debut game was Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which also has featured duo characters but it can be played by a single player and did not have split screen feature. it was released in 2013 and received an overwhelmingly positive rating by the gaming community. the studio has been always focused on the story without any compromisation with gameplay. I hope A Way Out is just as good as their previous one as there are very few games coming out with a good storyline.

A Way out will release in early 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more information, you can Visit the Official Website.

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