Bioware’s Anthem Is Not Xbox Exclusive Will Release For Other Platforms


EA Games and Bioware have announced their new game Anthem and since then a new confusion seems to be rising in the gaming community. At the EA Play event, they displayed a teaser trailer which was less than a minute long.

Bioware announced at EA play that more details and gameplay for Anthem will be revealed at Microsoft E3 conference due to which many speculated that it will be Xbox exclusive title just like Sony and Activision’s Destiny exclusive deal.

People even used the statement which was at the end of the trailer video which states “4K resolution not supported on all platforms” and further believed that it was Xbox exclusive possibly for Xbox Scorpio. to all those arguing with this statement, it is clearly written “Platforms” which basically suggest multiple platforms why can’t you see it or even try to understand ?.

Fortunately, everything is cleared out now as a user named Orangecoke at Neogaf whose bios says that he is an employee from Bioware and is the Director Of Marketing said:-

“It’s on PS4, XB1, Scorpio, PC etc etc. Not exclusive. This was really just a tiny droplet of a teaser. The true reveal is at the MSFT briefing tomorrow. ” and further added “Plus I, a person who works at BioWare, am literally telling you guys it is NOT exclusive 🙂 ”

More clear Confirmation came from shinoni602 who is a Gaming industry insider posted this:-

Well, i am relieved that the game is not a Xbox exclusive platform and EA are aiming for millions of gamers on other platforms as well. But the mystery behind why it is revealing a multiplatform game in a Microsoft conference still prevails.

In less than 24 hours we will know get more details about Anthem at the Microsoft E3 Conference. So stay tuned for more updates.

Anthem will be releasing in Fall 2018 according to the youtube channel. For PC, PS4, nd Xbox.

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