Assassin’s Creed Origins Release Date and More Details leaked

The upcoming rumored game of Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Origins seems to be true now with series of leaks which give more details about the game. with all these leaks there is still no official statement from Ubisoft so take all the information with a pinch of salt.

According to the Reddit post by user HungryGhost57 which contains screenshots of the early copy of Game Informer with Assassin’s Creed Origins as its cover picture and on it is the release date as 27 October 2017. the cover also gives further details that the game will come in 4 edition:-

  • Standard Edition$59.99
  • Deluxe Edition$69.99 containing Deluxe Pack
  • Gold Edition – $99.99 containing Deluxe Pack and Season Pass
  • Gold Steelbook Edition – $109.99 containing Deluxe, PackSeason Pass, and Steelbook.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Some more details reveal that the game will be set during the reign of Cleopatra which will have large and small cities with many notable landmarks like Memphis and Alexandria. it will be coming with a new combat style which will be more hit box driven. there will be more than one playable characters in the game. new gear system would allow players to customize their character by crafting and leveling system will have a Cap of 40.

The complete revealed details of Assassin’s Creed Origins according to the Reddit post are below:

  • Started working on game before unity
  • Brand new fighting system
  • New A.I.
  • No minimap but elder scrolls type compass at top
  • No more sprinting button, speed depends on analog stick
  • Crouching is back
  • Story is being kept a secret
  • Eagle vision is a subtle pulse that highlights objects not enemies
  • Takes place during the ascent and reign of Cleopatra
  • You can climb everything in the game
  • Large and small cities with many landmarks including Memphis and Alexandria
  • The controllable eagle leak was true
  • NPC’s have a day/night cycle and includes time for them to eat, sleep, work, and “answer the call of nature”
  • Attack buttons are the right shoulder and trigger
  • A.I. does not take turns to attack
  • New combat system is more hit-box driven
  • As you fight, an adrenaline gauge fills up, and when both attack buttons are pressed powerful attacks are unleashed
  • Left shoulder button is lock on
  • There are treasures to find in the depths of the water (sunken ships, long-forgotten ruins)
  • Stat element of customization is removed
  • New gear system where players can improve specific parts of your gear by crafting materials
  • Leveling system that has a level cap of 40
  • Bayek is not the only playable character in the game but that character is a secret
  • There are legendary items to loot in the game
  • You can add blocked arrows to your inventory
  • You can no longer one hit enemies that are more powerful than you with your hidden blade
  • Buttons for free-running up and down are removed
  • Puzzles are back but more challenging and fewer switches
  • Much more in depth ability graph with 3 paths (Seer, Warrior, Hunter)
  • There are gladiator battles in arenas

The art on Game Informer is similar to the leaked Target reservation card which posted on Reddit recently. as the name suggests the card purpose is to reserve a Gold Steelbook Edition which would come with various benefits.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Once again all these no official confirmations and can easily be just fake news. but I think we won’t have to wait much time to get an official statement as E3 has arrived and I hope that Ubisoft reveals about the game soon.

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