Little Nightmares Secrets Of Maw DLC Announced Coming This July

Little Nightmares Secrets Of Maw

Developer Tarsier Studios and Publisher Bandai Namco have announced a new expansion named Little Nightmares Secrets Of Maw. The creepy but beautiful platformer received positive reviews from the community the game was short but very good. the new expansion will reveal mysterious unanswered details from six’s adventure from the main game.

The new story involves new protagonist a boy who is known as the Runaway kid and just like Six he was also brought as a prisoner in Maw. the main story and the DLC story run parallel to each other so the both characters will cross each other several time in the game.

The expansion will have 3 chapters the first chapter is named “The Depth” which will release this July the players will explore the depths of Maw which is flooded and home to Granny and other unknown threats.

The second Chapter is named “The Hideaway” which will come in November here the players explore the engine room in Maw which is filled with machines and for some reason the many little yellow creatures known as Nomes have been hiding there. understanding more about the Nomes is the only way to escape it

The third and last Chapter name is unknown and which will decide the fate of the boy.

Little Nightmares Secrets Of Maw

Little Nightmares Secrets Of Maw

According to Devs the length of the first chapter will be as long as the liar from the main game and it will include new puzzles involving water mechanics which will be harder to solve. Secrets Of Maw can be played separately but it is advised that you play the main game first to get a better grasp on the story.

Little Nightmares Secrets Of Maw will cost $9.99 and the first chapter will come this July. for more information about the DLC, you can visit the Steam Page or the Official Website where Devs have answered some of the questions.

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