The Land Of Pain, Horror Game made By A Single Developer

The Land of Pain

Developer Alessandro Guzzo has released a demo for his upcoming game The Land of Pain. he has been single handily developing the game from 2014 and in 2015 was up on Stream Greenlight and in just 9 days is got greenlit by the community.

The game is a first-person survival horror game and the story takes place in an unknown forest where you decide to spend your autumn in nature away from city relaxing. but the situation quickly turns into a horrific nightmare.

While exploring deeper into the woods you discover places filled with blood and dead bodies of people who have died a gruesome death. soon you realize something is stalking you from the darkness and to make things worse you get lost and have to find a safe place to hide from the unknown creature the only way out is by solving the mystery behind the place.

The Land Of Pain Trailer:

The game is being developed in Crytek ‘s CryEngine and it is a perfect example of what good developers can do with the CryEngine. the in-game screenshots and trailer look amazing and considering that it is being developed by a single person just makes me goes awestruck.

Just like most of the horror survival games, it will also not have combat mechanics you need to solve various puzzle to unveil mysteriously and escape the forest. using the lantern helps you navigate through the dark forest but also make you visible to the enemies.

No fixed date for the release has been announced yet but it will come up in 2017 for PC. You can visit the official Website for more information and even try the playable demo which is available on the Steam Page.

Alessandro has been developing The Land of Pain alone for more than 2 years now. if you like his work you can support him here through donations.

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