Rumor: Nintendo May Announce A New Game Pokemon Stars

Pokemon Stars

There is a rumor currently going on that Nintendo may be announcing a new Pokemon game named Pokemon Stars. With the hype of Pokemon Go Fire and Ice Event among fans and with the announcement Pokken Tournament DX at Pokemon Direct by Nintendo more and more rumors seems to be rising.

According to the post on Neogaf by a member named doop_ who copy-pasted another post from 4Chan from a person claiming to be the translator of the upcoming Nintendo game Pokemon Stars.

The post came with a screen image which shows a grown up Gladion. the game is a sequel and will be continuing its story from Pokemon Sun and Moon where players will discover various mysteries like how Mohn lost his memories and how Necrozma fell into the world.

The game will take place in Alola which will now have Gyms and no more Alola trails. all the characters in the game will be grown up and the grown up Gladion will be running Aether Paradise on its own.

Though it was mentioned that there will be no new Pokemon or Mega evolution. it will have a new Necrozma form and some new exclusive Z-moves. it will also have even more cutscenes than the Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Star will have no dual version like previous ones and it will only have a single version coming for both Nintendo Switch and 3DS which may have a cross play option between them.

Once Again these are all rumors so follow them at your own risk but if it is true we may soon be getting more Information on it by Nintendo.

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