For Honor has lost 95% Of Playerbase Even After New Updates

For Honor

Seems like Ubisoft’s another game is in deep trouble and this time it is For Honor. the medieval hack and slash fighting game is struggling to keep the player base and is losing it day by day.

Yes, it is not common for games to lose its player base over the time. but losing 95% of players within few months of release does indicate major problems.

The news comes from analytic site Githyp which reports that the during beta the game had 71k concurrent player which reduced to 45K players during launch and currently stand at 3.4K players and even the Steam Stats does confirm the situation showing 2.8K player concurrent yesterday.

So what’s the reasons for losing such a massive player base

The game is losing its players not because of it is bad but because of the constant issue which is ruining the users experince. after the launch, the game was filled with bugs glitches and constant connection issues and if you are lucky enough to not experience those issues. the matchmaking would certainly be another problem where players would not find a game even after 30 minutes.

The player base got angry at Ubisoft because of the delays in the fixing major issues. the lack of support even led to an organized boycott by the community on 3rd April. but Ubisoft was able to stop that event by quickly responding to the issues.

After that Ubisoft released a new update Shadow and Might which included new heroes and maps and it showed little positive signs with player base increasing from 2.2k player per hour to 4.7k. But after a month it fell again.

It’s not a new occurrence to a Ubisoft’s in past similar thing have happened to Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy’s The Division which at one point almost lost 93% of player base in 3 months. but with good communication with the community, constant updates and new content the player base began to grow gradually. Hope the same happen with For Honor.

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