Survive The Nights Can Be The Most Realistic Survival Game Around

Survive The Nights

Developer and Publisher a2z Interactive have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Survive The Nights. the game was up on Kickstarter for funding it successfully completed its goal of £12,000 goal and ended up receiving £108,398.

It is unique first person multiplayer game based on survival against zombies and human players. it is currently in early access on steam and according to devs it will be in early access for over a year to make all the improvement the communities need and then it will fully release.

Just like other zombie survival games, it will have player fend off the hordes of zombies trying to kill them by crafting guns, explosive and melee weapons.

Survive The Nights Trailer:

It includes day and night cycles similar to 7 Day To Die at day time you move around to collect food and water. gather lumber to fortify your base structures, repair and power up the generators to get electricity and even set up traps to slow down the zombies and possibly other players.

The game takes a unique approach to the genre by creating realistic situation one of them is the mental state system in which killing more human players causes the characters to question their moral and not keeping it in check may deteriorate the mental health leading various consequences like mental breakdown, shaky hands, blurred vision, voices which only the player can hear and at last can force the characters to commit suicide.

Another realistic approach is the food and water system in other survival games players just dies if they do not eat. but in Survive The Nights instead of dying they become slow, their abilities to carry weight decreases, they lose strength to fight and also their aim becomes shaky it will take a number of days for the character to die of starvation just like in real life.

The game includes a fully dynamic season with summer and winter season. it also has some RPG elements like fortifying structures will improve carpentry skill, shooting guns will increase accuracy skill and hunting will improve trapping abilities.

The whole concept and graphics of the game looks promising and may very well be the closest real-life survival game we ever had. the early access will be available in summer of 2017 for PC and Mac. its is currently available on Humble Bundle Store for $24.99. for more information, you can visit the Steam Page or the Official website.

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