Pokemon Go Fire and Ice Event Coming This June

pokemon go fire and ice

Pokemon Trainers are in for a new treat and can adventure around this summer for more rewards in the upcoming Pokemon GO Fire and Ice Event.

Though Niantics have not officially announced anything about the event. but the news comes from TeamEevolution which is a reputable source they are the same team who successfully predicted the Water Festival event so that does give them some amount of credibility.

Pokemon Go Fire and Ice event will take place between June 13 to 20 during the possibly upcoming event trainers will find increased spawn of both fire and ice Pokemon like Cyndaquil, Charmander or Swinub and their respective evolutions. the event will also increase the chances for trainers to find rare Pokemon like Lapras or Clayster.

Trainers will also be able to get their hands on lucky eggs which will have 50% discount during the event. there are no details on which fire and ice Pokemon you would be able to find but you may see the Pokemon listed below:-

Fire Type Pokemon

  • Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard.
  • Vulpix, Ninetails.
  • Growlithe, Arcanine.
  • Ponyta, Rapidash.
  • Magmar.
  • Flareon.
  • Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion.
  • Slugma, Magcargo.
  • Houndoor, Houndoom.

Ice Type Pokemon

  • Seel, Dewgong.
  • Shelder, Cloyster.
  • Sneasel.
  • Swinub, Piloswine.
  • Jynx.
  • Lapras.

Tweet From TeamEevolution

The Leaked Statement:


With summer quickly approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and winter approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the upcoming solstices than with a Fire-type and Ice-type Pokémon GO event.

From 1:00 P.M. PDT on June 13 to 1:00 P.M. PDT on June 20, 2017, Trainers around the world will discover more Charmander, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Houndour, Ponyta, Swinub, Vulpix, and their Evolutions. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for Sneasel, Magmar, Cloyster, and other Fire types and Ice types!

It’s time to perfect your Poké Ball throws, Trainers! Throughout the event, you’ll receive huge XP bonuses for successfully catching Pokémon with Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws, as well as Curveballs and First Throws. Additionally, as you walk around your neighborhoods or discover new sights, you’ll earn even more XP for hatching Eggs. To help you take advantage of these awesome XP bonuses, Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop.

Get ready to explore the world around you—there are even more exciting updates coming your way soon!

—The Pokémon GO team

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