World Of One Planet Based Physics Platformer Coming To Steam

Explore The Hidden Secrets Of Your Existence In World Of One

World Of One

Developer and Publisher Grimwood Team is coming up with their new game named World Of One. the game is developed by a team of 5 members based in Kyrgyzstan and it recently got Greenlit by the Steam community and will be soon hitting the steam store for the price of  6.99$.

The plot of the game takes players to the story of a young man who leaves his comfortable cozy life out of curiosity to discover the dark part of the world which is filled with unknown hostile creatures in a grimdark atmosphere.

The trailer gives us the glimpse of the game which looks quite similar to Limbo and Toby: The Secret Mine.

There was a slight glimpse of combat mechanics in the trailer which suggests that you may be able to fight the different creatures trying to kill you or maybe just avoid them. there are various intriguing puzzles which you have to solve to progress through the small round world.

One unique thing about the puzzles is that there are may ways to solve them. even the ending of the game is not fixed there are three possible ending and all depends upon the choices you can make in the game.

The Gothic style platformers game always have a certain appeal to them and the World Of One with its art style and music are bringing it once more.

The game has already completed the hurdle of passing the Steam Greenlit and will be releasing on 8 June 2017 for PC. for more information you can visit the Steam Page.

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