Theseus, Third Person Mythological VR Game Coming For PSVR


Italian Studio Forge Reply have announced their upcoming new Virtual Reality game Theseus. The game is based on the Greek hero Theseus and his adventure which includes the encounter with a Minotaur with a certain dark mix to it.

The studio takes various new take to the game first one would be Theseus isn’t all powerful like in the mythological stories in the game is he is being hunted by the Minotaur and he is unkillable at least by his hands.

Another unique thing the studio is doing which makes it different from other VR games is it is set in third person perspective, unlike the regular first person perspective. which would certainly create a very different user experience for VR gamers.

The graphics are also pretty good as it is being developed in Unreal Engine. all the footage in the trailer is taken from the game which you can view below.

Theseus Trailer:

The whole plot of the game revolves around Theseus vs the Minotaur who is 33 feet tall. he can’t fight against the Minotaur but can take advantage of the fact that the beast is blind but has a sharp hearing and smelling sense.

The only way you can avoid the Minotaur is by using steath or by using anceint mechanism hiden in the labyrinth. even if you succesfully avoid the beast he can still send his minions after you and you have to fights those to progress.

As the VR scene in the gaming community is still very new the concept and unique third person perspective certainly gives it the edge over other VR titles. I hope the gameplay quality and experience are just as good as the trailer.

Theseus will be coming up this summer for PSVR. for more information you can visit the Official WebsiteĀ or the Playstation blog.

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