Star Wars Battlefront 2 First live stream date revealed

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Developer EA Dice has announced the first live gameplay stream of Star Wars Battlefront 2 to be held on 10 June 2017. the live stream will be featuring 40 players action gameplay set on the Assault Of Theed the battle for Naboo. which will possible showcase some of the main characters like Darth Maul, Rey and others.

The battle is will consist of Clone jump troopers the early version of stormtroopers and AATs and huge Super Battle Droids and the sky covered with Starfighters and Vulture Droids.

The blog on the EA Games Website gives more details about the upcoming Battle below:-

Sleek N-1 Starfighters and Vulture Droids scream overhead spewing light and fire. Nimble AT-RT Walkers race around corners, pursued by roaring AATs. Agile Clone Jumptroopers hop from rooftop to rooftop, while rampaging B2 Super Battle Droids level everything in their path. Armies of Clones and Droids sprint across cover, their blazing weapons shattering the tranquility of the once-peaceful capital of Naboo. And at the center of the swirling melee the lightsabers and Darth Maul and Rey cut swaths through the ranks of the battling troopers.

The Battle will be played out by various famous YouTubers and Twitch Streamers like JackFrags and Darkness429. there will be two teams of 20 players led by StoneMountain64 and Neebs Gaming respectively. one of them will be on be the Clone JumpTroopers on defense and the other will be invading the peaceful city of Naboo.

EA Games has also mentioned that some lucky fans will be able to participate in it. to know more about the procedure you can visit the EA Website which gives more information on how to get your join the battle.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer:

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be released worldwide on 17 November 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more information about the game, ou can visit the Official Website.

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