Nintendo Switch Paid Online Service Delayed, Price Revealed

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has recently announced that the Nintendo Switch Paid online service is delayed. the much-speculated service will let switch owners enjoy multiplayer games online with an added smartphone application which will let users connect with their portable console.

The service is currently free and is running under trails during this period Nintendo will be testing various others thing to improve users experience. the service was scheduled to launch in 2017 but has been extended till 2018.

The paid service will add Voice Chat to chat with your friends, the Online lobby where you can set appointments and play multiplayer games with your buddies and also give access to classic titles such as Super Mario, Ballon Fight, Dr. Mario and much more which will be available for download.

Below is the list of features offered by the service which can be accessed with a Nintendo account:-

  • Online gameplay
  • Online Lobby & Voice Chat app
  • Classic Game Selection
  • Nintendo eShop Deals
  • Access to Nintendo eShop
  • Register and manage Friends
  • Share screenshots to social media
  • Access to Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app

Nintendo also revealed the price of the subscription which is as follows:-

  • 1-Month Membership for $3.99
  • 3-Month Membership for $7.99
  • 12-Month Membership for $19.99

But fortunately Switch user won’t have to wait till 2018 to try the new features somewhere this summer they will launch the Smartphone app but it will have limited functionality. for more information you can visit the official Nintendo website.

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