Nintendo Switch Dropped From 1000 Feet, Results are Surprising

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has been topping the sales chart and may soon surpass the sales number of other Nintendo console. according to reports in just 2 months, it has outsold Wii by more than 10 percent in the US. but the huge number of sales does raise a question is it worth it?

Recently, Youtube channel UnlockRiver did an extreme durability test on the console. his channel basically reviews gadget to its extreme limit. in the test, he ties the Nintendo Switch to a drone and then drops it from 1000 Feet onto a concrete floor.

When the console dropped it literally bounced off the concrete and I thought no way it gonna survive that but surprisingly even after such a heavy impact there was no scratch on the screen and it even worked perfectly fine the only damage it took was a broken left controller. this review will be a great relief for Switch Owners now they don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it and get a sudden Heart Attack.

You can Check out the test video below:

You can subscribe to UnlockRiver you tube Channel for more amazing content with variety of different test on different Gadgets.

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