Archangel, A PSVR Mech Shooter Game Coming This July

Be the guardian that people need in Archangel


Developer Sky Interactive’s Archangel has announced their upcoming VR game Archangel. the game is set to release in July 2017 for PSVR and soon after 2 weeks, it will release for other platforms as well.

There is no trailer yet but the devs have given details for the game on the PSBlog.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world which is ravaged by natural disasters and a corporatized oppressive United States governs its people and there is a no sign of freedom or justice in that world. you are selected by the United States Free Forces the resistance group to pilot a six-foot tall giant mech to fight against a group of private companies named HUMNX who are currently governing America.

According to the blog, the difficulty of the game increase as you progress through it. your mech will have a wide range of high power weapons plus you can also use your two mecha hands to punch down enemy air crafts like a flies. the game comes with a small element of RPG. with every progress you make you gain XP which can be used to increase the level of the mech.


Your Objective in the game will be to protect and be protected by the A.I controlled units each unit have different powers and capabilities. if you are under heavy fire you can use the shield to protect yourself and your team and even if your shield goes down it can be repaired by the nanobots carried by the A.I units accompanying you.

Considering VR games are still in their nascent stage I hope this VR at least be better than other VR Games in the market.

Archangel doesn’t have a fixed date but it will be released in July 2017 for PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. For more information, you can visit the PSBlog for the game.

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