Rime Developers Will Release A Denuvo Free Version If IT Gets Cracked


Developers Tequila Works have recently released their game Rime on Steam and though the game is pretty good the Devs have challenged the pirate community into doing the thing they excel at. Yes, cracking games.

Recently the Devs from Tequila Works were called out for using Denuvo Anti-Tamper Software for their game Rime. For people who aren’t aware of what Denuvo is. it is an anti-tamper technology and digital right management software which protects the game from getting pirated.

And the conversation between devs and gamers took a bitter turn because of use and the reasoning given behind the Anti-Tamper in the game.

So Whats the fuss about Developers protecting their game?

The problem is not the that the community wouldn’t be able to get pirated game. the actual problem is what the anti-tamper software does to the game. gamers playing games with Denuvo software have reported poor performance and frame rate drops even on high-end PC and the software even locks out genuine buyers from the game they own.

Plus its is also surrounded with controversy like it reduces the lifetime of SSD drive by writing a massive amount of data on the drive. and that certain files from Denuvo remain on the drive even after the uninstallation of the game for unknown purposes.

And the most important is it actually fails to do the job it was created for. the games with Denuvo are getting Pirated regardless of the using the so-called protection. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was also using Denuvo but it got cracked within 5 days of release making it the fastest cracked game which had the Anti-tamper software.

This is half of reason why people are angry the other half is because of the statement from developer Darius from Tequila Works who said

“While you don’t have to agree with what I am saying, lets try to remain civil please? We made the decision to use Denuvo to protect the game getting pirated. That is the simple fact of it. Denuvo is not DRM, it is anti tamper software.

As I mentioned in the above post, if RiME gets cracked, we plan to update the versions across all platforms with the Denuvo free version of the game”.

You can read the whole thread at Steam Forum.

Well, the only reason I can see a Dev asking for getting his created game cracked may be because it is inevitable or they may have implemented a newer version of the software and are accumulating data for creating, more secure anti-piracy measure for future games.

Considering that Anti-Tamper Software hasn’t been able to stop piracy we may soon see a cracked version of Rime on Pirate sites.

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