How To Kill Jason In Friday The 13TH Game

Friday the 13th

Developer IIIfonic and Publisher Gun Media have released the game Friday the 13th after a long testing period and with it begins the terror of Jason on the poor Counsellor in the iconic location of Friday the 14th movies Camp Crystal Lake.

Before the game release, Devs announced that Jason is powerful but can be killed with teamwork. many people tried it but failed neither machete nor the guns killed him the only thing it did was just stun him for a small duration.

Many even speculated that the Devs may have lied to make the game sound more interesting and different from other games like Dead by Daylight which has the same concept.

But soon after its release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 gamers found a way to kill Jason. the first one(according to the YouTuber) to solve the mystery behind How to kill Jason came from the YouTube Channel named Kephrii. he demonstrated it in a private lobby with his friends.

After that many guides on how to kill Jason popped up on YouTube and the best one I thinks comes from Youtuber Fairlight Excalibur.

Steps To Kill Jason
  • Find the Cabin which has Jason’s Mom sweater. and take it but this should be done by a female counselor otherwise it won’t work. the location of that cabin is dynamic and changes every single game. and entering the cabin alerts Jason immediately so be ready for it.
  • Knock off the mask from Jason’s face by aiming carefully with the help of a melee weapon a bat or a machete and hit his face hitting it twice should do the trick.
  • Let an Escaped or already dead player take the role of Tommy Jarvis. he is a special character who only comes if one of the players have used the Radio to call for help. you will need him cause he is the only one who can kill Jason.
  • Let counselor with special sweater approach Jason and use it. this action causes Jason to think the female counselor as her mother and he drops his guard during that window hit Jason which will stun and drop him on his knees.
  • Then Jarvis equipped with a machete or an axe hits directly to his face which kills Jason and everyone escapes.

Friday the 13th is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more information, you visit the Steam page of the game.

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