Far Cry 5 The Good And The Bad Guys, New Features

Ubisoft has announced Far Cry 5 and this time it seems they want to change the whole game. They have revealed some new changes to the core gameplay mechanics and even shown some of the characters of the game.

Lets Take a look on the Characters and Features:-

The Bad Guys – The Eden’s Gate

Far Cry 5

Joseph Seed is the leader of the religious cult Eden’s Gate a preacher who named himself “Father” and believes that he is the chosen one and tasked with the protecting the player from the inevitable apocalypse most of the resident of the Hope County believed his words that only he can provide them peace and salvation.

Joseph is not alone and is being helped by his children who are known as the Herald

Jacob – He is a former military officer who is responsible for maintaining guns and ammunition and keeps the armed civilian under the cult in check.

John – He is a lawyer who has acquired most of the land from the resident in the Hope of County for themselves.

Faith – she is a mediator between civilian and his Father and makes people believes that only her father can protect them and they must follow him to receive salvation.

The Good Guys – The Resistance

Pastor Jerome Jeffries – he is a former soldier who served in the Gulf War and returned to Montana to become a priest but the rise of Eden’s Gate violence and injustice forced him to take arms once again.

Mary May Fairgrave – she is a local of Hope County who was born and raised in Holland Valley her family owned a bar named Spread Eagle after Eden’s Gate Invasion her mother and brother were taken away by the cult. later her parents died and the Spread Eagle was forcibly sold by the bank to the Eden’s Gate. But she is not gonna give her family’s only legacy to the Psychos without a fight.

Nick Rye – He was an Air Force Veteran just like his father and grandfather but left it to raise his own family. his business of crop dusting was going smoothly until the Eden’s Gate arrived who is now forcing and threatening him to sell his business. now he doesn’t feel safe anymore and is worried about his wife Kim. but he is preparing for the war and is making sure that the cult will never be able to touch them.

New Features In The Game

Create Your Own Character – the trailer did not mention anything about your character except that you play as the newly appointed sheriff. it’s all up to the players to pick the Gender and Colour of the protagonist.

Campaign Co-op – you can now play the full campaign with a Co-op player not much has been revealed but it seems your partner may also be a customizable character or maybe you can play locally or online with your buddy.

Recruits People – You can now hire people to make your own militia against the Religious Freaks.

Tame animals – Far Cry Primal is here boys now you can tame animals like Dogs and maybe be evn Wolfs and bears to fight for you. the taming of animals sound reasonable if its only limited till dogs but a Sheriff taming wolfs and bears sounds kinda supernatural.

Dynamic AI – the game will come with a smart A.I which will constantly monitor your effect on the game and depending on the situation it will increase enemies firepower against you.

New Vehicles – Far Cry 5 will have varieties of new vehicles like ATV, Pickup truck, Big Truck, American Muscle cars and the best one Airplanes.

Far Cry 5 will be Releasing on 27 February 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. More details will be revealed by Ubisoft at the upcoming E3 2017. for more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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