God of War Collector’s Edition Details out, leaked Release Date?

God Of War

Developer Santa Monica Studio and Publisher Sony Interactive upcoming third-person adventure game God of War is one of the most anticipated game since its announcement at E3 2016. the game is the eighth installment in the God of War series and sequel to the God of War 3 and all the fans of the series are eagerly waiting for its release. So this new might be a bit of a teaser for them.

Recently a German game retailer SpieleGrotte listed the God of War in its store with the details of the content in the collector edition which includes the following things listed below:

  • BD game
  • 9-inch statue of Kratos & Atreus battling two Helwalkers
  • Two carved sons toys figurines
  • Steelbook case
  • Exclusive Lithograph print
  • Cloth game world map
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Exclusive dynamic theme
  • Shield pack containing 3 in-game shield

The site also mentioned the release date for 15 January 2018 but it maybe just a speculation and the site is probably using the date as a placeholder.

There is currently no confirmation if the details are true or not but considering the site is one of the biggest retailers in Germany the content of collector edition can be true. SpieleGrotte has previously leaked the release date for BloodBourne Nightmare Edition which was very close to the actual release date. maybe we can get more details about it in the upcoming E3 2017 and possibly even get a release date.

We can only wait currently for more details from Sony and refresh our memories with the God Of War E3 2016 Gameplay.

Source NeoGaf.

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