Quake Champions Sorlag Spotlight Trailer


Developer Id Software and Publisher Bethesda Softworks have released a new trailer featuring Sorlag, the sorg flesh trader. the reptiloid alien first made its debut in Quake 3 Arena as an enemy warrior in single player mode and with improved character model is now returns as a playable character in Quake Champions.

According to her lore in Quake Champions Sorlag was the best hunter in her clan, as a result she tried opening portals to different worlds with the help of blood rituals. during the ritual, she gets pulled into the portal and thrown into the quake realm trapped forever.


Active Ability: Acid Spit

She spits a blob of acid towards its target dealing damage and also applying the unit with poison effect which deals damage over time. using acid spit on the surface cause it to explode creating a small area covered with acid anyone stepping on it will be affected by the poison effect.

Passive Ability: Bunny Hop

Sorlag passive ability lets her jump farther than other characters in the game with each jump she gains more speed and maneuverability.

Passive Ability: Acid Fiend

This ability grants her resistant to her acid and from the enemy Sorlag as well.

Sorlag Champion Trailer:

Quake Champion is currently running in closed beta you can sign up at Quake Official Website if you want to play the game.

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