Far Cry 5 Teaser Revealed, World Wide Announcement on 26 May

Is Far Cry 5 going to be Horror Themed now?

Far Cry 5

Developer Ubisoft has finally revealed the teaser video for the much-rumored game Far Cry 5. the new video is only 0:41 seconds long and barely gives any information about the game well can’t ask for more from a teaser.

The only information about the game we have is that the game is set up in Montana, the United States which seems to be modern. and a teaser video that just gets grimmer as it progresses. the video starts with the amazing scene of nature of a lush green mountain with human scream a musical river with a body flowing along in it, a man running through fields who gets shot down and a psycho person with a rifle who is banging his victim’s head to ring the giant church bell which is accompanied by harmonious church choir in background all this is happening in a place called Hope County the irony is so rich here.

Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer:

Yes, the teaser barely gives any hint about the game whether it is related to previous Far Cry or is just completely a new story. but that doesn’t stop people from comparing the game with Outlast and Resident Evil 7 and I can see where this is coming from as the spooky teaser does represent the theme of the two horror game one is the Religious Psycho people and other is Guns obviously there is no way a Far Cry game can be made without guns.

Titled as Far Cry 5 we can safely assume that the upcoming version is a sequel to the main story just like the other 4 predecessors of the series and certainly not a spinoff version like FarCry Primal, Far Cry Instincts and more.

And Ubisoft releasing the teaser just before E3 could mean that we may be seeing more about the game in the upcoming E3 2017.

Well, to know more about the game we will have to wait until 26 May 2017 when the full worldwide announcement will be made. hopefully with a trailer which actually explains the theme of the game.

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