Arcade Shooter Nex Machina Gets A Release Date

Save Humanity in Nex Machina

Nex Machina

Developer and Publisher House Marque in collaboration of Eugene Jarvis designer of games like Robotron, Defender and Smash TV are coming up with a new arcade shooter called Nex Machina. The game is fast paced and super intense with lots of gunfire and explosions.

The game takes place in a futuristic world where humans have become totally dependent on technology more improvement in Artificial Intelligence led to robots reaching a level where they have a mind of their own and their intelligence has surpassed humans by tenfold. Realizing that they are clearly superior to humans they start exterminating all of them. and now you must fight those robots and free and save the humans from their oppression.

Nex Machina Trailer:

Nex Machina takes it inspiration from Robotron and Smash TV but unlike traditional arcade shooter where you are stuck in a level and just clearing enemy waves. you will be moving around through different level where you will be shooting down robots and saving fact, the game has over 100+ different levels and 5 different worlds filled with secrets and different power up for the players to adventure around kinda like Alienation another game from House Marque.

The game will also be coming up with Co-op local where you can join with your buddy and shoots and blow up robot hordes. though it’s not mentioned how many players it can support. but watching the trailer I think 2 players must be the limit cause more than that will just crowd the screen and can create confusion.

It also includes several features like:-

  • Competitive Season where you can rank yourself and play against the leaderboards player in the game.
  • Custom game challenges where you can customize your gameplay experience like increasing the speed of the game.
  • Replayability option lets you see the replay of the run of the players from leaderboards and learn the secret which is keeping you from scoring more.

Nex Machina will be releasing on 20 June 2017 for PC and PS4. for more information about the game you can visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.

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