Destiny 2 Won’t Be On Steam Will Release Through Blizzard Launcher

Developer Bungie and Publisher Activision have decided that the PC version of Destiny 2 won’t be available on steam instead, it will be exclusively available through Blizzard Launcher formerly known as

No reason has been stated yet by Bungie or Activision for this strange decision as Activision has several of its games on steam like Call of Duty series, Quest For Glory series, Prototype and more.

The reason for the Blizzard exclusive only may be cost cutting. Steam charges 30% for the distribution of game from its platform and Activision and Blizzard are part of the same company named ActivisionBlizzard so publishing the game through Blizzard’s platform will increase profit for them.

Another benefit which Activision gains from this deal is they can keep the stats of sales and revenue to themselves which would be easily accessible through Steam Spy if a game is available on steam. Steam spy reveals some significant data of a game like the number of players owning the game, Average time played, Peak concurrent player in a single day and more. releasing it on blizzard would mean not letting critical data fall in hands of competitors.

And as for the players, it won’t be any major problem those who want to play will buy it regardless of the platforms as both Blizzard and Steam have same payment methods and have identical features.

Destiny 2 will be available on 8 September 2017 but only for console. the PC version will release later and no date has been set yet. For more information, you ca visit the Official Website.

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