Special Delivery Is A VR Game Inspired From 80s Arcade

Be careful from Tornado and Reaper in Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Developer and Publisher Meerkat Gaming have released a new announcement trailer for their Virtual Reality game Special Delivery. The game is inspired by the 80s Arcade game called Paperboy where the players take control of a paperboy to deliver newspaper in suburban streets.

The concept of the game is similar to Paperboy you have to deliver newspapers to your subscribers without fail and also try to vandalize the house of non-subscriber and become the terror of the neighborhood. you also have to avoid crashing into various obstacles coming your way. not delivering the paper to subscribers will result in losing them and if you lose them all its Game Over.

The game still retains the arcade scoring and progression system. Successful delivery is your main objective which will earn you points and destroying non-subscriber property like breaking Gnomes, windows, barbecues, and trashcans earn you bonus points. as your progress, more area will be unlocked for your adventure.

Special Delivery Trailer:

What To Expect From The Game

Better Graphics – Needless to say, the game being made in unreal engine 4 for VR so the graphics are good and filled with colorful visuals.

Avoid Threats – To complete your mission you must avoid crashing into obstacles like Dog, Tornado Vehicles, Reaper and much more.

Loads of Level – The game has 28 rounds which mean you have to deliver paper successfully to your subscribers for 28 different days without losing them all.

New Routes – as you progress through the game you can unlock new routes to transverse through the VR world.

The game is currently available on Steam compataible for Oculus and HTC Vibe. The PSVR compatible version will release on 6 June 2017. For more information, you can visit the Steam Page Or the Official Website.

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