Vanquish Is Finally Coming To PC Via Steam

Relive The Fast Action Sci-Fi Of Vanquish in 4K


After nearly 7 years Developer Platinum Games and Publisher Sega are finally bringing the PC port of one the best shooter game Vanquish. the game was first released in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360 it was one of the fastest third person shooter game of its time and the console owner simply loved the fast pace fluid combat and unique slide boost mechanics.


The story of the game is set in future where the world is struggling for resources. to solve its energy problem The United States created a space station named Providence which had a solar energy-driven generator to provide them with an alternative energy source. Meanwhile, the Russian government falls to a coup d’etat by its own military. the rogue military also captured USA’s space station turning its energy into a blast to destroy San Fransico and threatens the American government to surrender or its next target will be NewYork City.

In retaliation, USA issues a task force where the players take the role of Sam Gideon who is equipped with an advanced Suit known an Augmented Reaction Suit(ARS) which is capable of performing superhuman tasks and now your mission is to eliminate enemies and secure the space station.

Notable Changes For PC

The game mechanics remain the same in the PC version of Vanquish but gaming experiences has received a complete overhaul the game can now support high-end resolution including 4K support, the framerate limit is also unlocked meaning it can run at the highest FPS your rig can offer for the game, and the obvious added support for Keyboard and Mouse.

Vanquish PC Trailer:

Vanquish will release on 25 May 2017 via steam. But it is currently available for Pre-Order which will get you a sweet Digital Deluxe Edition containing Digital OST sampler, Digital Artbook, Wallpaper and new Avatars.

But the best part of the Pre-Order is anyone who has purchased Bayonetta will get a 25% discount. For more information, you can visit the Steam Page.

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