Quake Champions Reveals Visor

Visor Makes His Return For More Bloodbath In Arena


Developer Id Software and Publisher Bethesda Softworks have released a new trailer featuring Visor. The ruthless Cybernetics clone first made its appearance in Quake 3 Arena as an enemy warrior in the single player mode. his appearance in Quake Champions has been changed a bit but still, retains his signature metal plate on his face.

According to his bio, Moscow GRU implemented cybernetics, Genetics, and cloning to make perfect infantry as a result cyber human were created who neither get tired nor felt any pain these cyber human have dulled sense but have the ability to see through matter.


Active Ability: Piercing Sight

Piercing Sight grants Visor the ability to see through the walls temporarily which will help players keep track of their enemy position to either flank them or just avoid them.

Passive Ability: Grasshopper

Grasshopper is visor key mobility skill he continuously gains speed while strafe-jumping without any limit to his speed. skilled players can use this ability to keep up with any champions in the game.

His skillset makes him an excellent Deathmatch Champion with the ability to know enemies position and his high-speed mobility which requires skill to use he can just roll over careless players.

Visor Reveal Trailer:


The new Champion will be available during the upcoming event Large Scale Tech Fest. During this event, anyone can play the game which will remain live 24/7 for 9 days from 12 May to 21 May. all you have to do is get yourself a code from the official Quake Site. in addition to this, a new game mode “Sacrifice” will launch where players can form a team and fight 4vs4 to dominate the arena.

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