Ad Infinitum Is A Horror Game Based On World War 1

Experience the Horror on Battlefield with Ad Infinitum

Ad infinitum

Developer StrixLab has recently released a new trailer for their new game Ad Infinitum and it is sure Creepy. The game is a single player Horror adventure with first person perspective it is based on the surrealistic scenario of World War 1.

As a player, you take on the role of most probably a soldier as it is not quite yet mentioned who you are. you find yourself in the trenches of the battlefield trying to hide and escape from the horrifying creature hunting you. there is no combat element in the game and your only way of escaping is solving the puzzle to clear path and hide your way through trenches and mazes to safety.

Meet The Team

Ad infinitum is being developed by a six-member team from Hamburg. the game started as a university project but soon started taking the shape of a full game. In late 2015 the team formed the StrixLab and since then has been working on developing different games.

The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 and with a new video trailer and the various screenshots from the game does it indicate that we can expect some realistic graphics and detailed model and environment. the developers are also working with history department to make sure that the game represents the World War 1 Scenario closely.

Ad Infinitum Trailer:

To check out the more detailed concept and the preview of the game you can visit the game Steam Greenlight Page where people have clearly expressed their interest in the game and want to play the game soon.

The Released Date of the game is not out yet but it will be coming out for PC the console port of the game is not confirmed yet. For more information about the game, you can visit their Official Website.

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