Hitman Elusive Target #24 is Now Online

Hitman’s Next Elusive Target in Italy


Your 24th Target in Hitman is now out of his hiding hole and your one opportunity to assassinate him is now online.

This time your target is Bartholomew Argus code named The Bad Boy he is a media personality a musician turned film star who is at the epicenter of drugs and weapons investigation and a target for Interpol arrest order. he has gone underground and has left his former illegal business partner Tommy “The Hammer” Stoakes an infamous London gangster to take the blame.

According to the intel, it has been found that the target is currently hiding in Sapienza, Italy as a guest of Dino Bosco which creates an ideal opportunity to assassinate him.

Just like the previous assassination there are some ground rules

  • Elusive target will be available for only limited time
  • They can only be killed once.
  • If you die during the mission it is over for you and mission can’t be repeated.
  • You get only one chance so plan it carefully
  • If the time runs out they are gone forever.

The target will be available for 11 days from 5th May to 16 May 2017

The 24th Target mission can be played on Hitman which is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more information on the game and the mission visit the official site.

Hitman Elusive Target 24 The Bad Boy Trailer:

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