White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Will be Coming For Western Region For PC And PS4

White Day Returns With the Cult-Classic Korean Horror

White Day

Developer ROI Games and Publisher PQube will be coming up with the remake of the classic Korean Horror Game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. the game first came out in 2001 only for Korean regions it was planned for release in the English version in 2013 but was cancelled. but now finally the game is coming out for the western audiences after nearly 16 years for a completely new generation gamers the game is remade completely from scratch with story upgrades and improved mechanical changes.


The Story of the game is about a young high schooler named Hui-Min-Lee who has just joined his new school Yendoo’s High School which is filled with rumors of violent deaths, paranormal activities and Vicious spirits. Hui-Min-Lee has a crush on a girl in the same school.

One day the girl forgets her dairy seeing an opportunity he decides to sneak into school late at night to keep the dairy with chocolates on her desk. as he sneaks into the school he realizes that something is strange about the place as he progresses further into the story the hallways become an inescapable terrifying labyrinth. he soon uncovers the dark secrets of the school and must now solve them to escape or become another victim to the spirits with your soul forever trapped in the school.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Trailer:

What to Expect From White Day

The game is almost made like a movie and being a Korean styled horror you know it’s going to be terrifying.

Hide Or Die – the game is based on stealth you must avoid the spirits and other possessed being in school at all cost the only thing you can do is Run, Hide and Pray that they don’t find you.

Puzzle solving – White Day is filled with tricky puzzles to complete various objective as the game progress the puzzle gets harder than the previous one.

Mind your Health – there is a limited amount of health resource and save points so you must be careful while using them.

Your story in your hand – the game does not have a fixed ending it’s like a movie with nine different types of Ending and it will all depend on the action you take in the game.

Not Enough Scary? – The game has various difficulty settings higher difficulty increase the number of ghosts and the frequencies of jump scares.

White Day will be releasing somewhere in August 2017 for PC and PS4 and will be available through steam. For More Information, you can visit the Official Website.

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