Quake Champions Reveals Ranger The Quake Hero

Ranger Returns to the Quake Battle Arena


Developer Id Software and Publisher Bethesda Softworks have released a new trailer featuring Ranger also known as the Quake Guy. Ranger first appeared in Quake in 1996 as the main protagonist of the game this first shooter was also developed by Id Software. After that, he appeared in Quake 3 Arena as a playable character and is now once again returning to Quake Champions


Ranger is a special force marine who was originally tasked with stopping an enemy Code named Quake after the teleportation device the “Slipgate” being developed by government gets compromised by an alien who uses it to send his own forces to kill, steal and destroy the earth.

So Ranger becomes the head of a squad of marines and leads the Operation Counterstrike whose whole purpose was to find and stop Quake. but during the mission, everyone gets killed except him. he continues his mission alone and travels four dimensions collecting the four runes namely the Rune of Earth Magic, the Rune of Black Magic, the Rune of Hell magic and the Rune of Elder magic.

During his mission of collecting runes he learns that Quake is Shub-Niggurath mother of all the evil creature invading earth. he combines the runes and opens a new dimension leading to Shub-Niggurath’s Pit where he uses a teleporter to spawn himself inside of Shub-Niggurath exploding the beast and winning the fight.

But Ranger stories does not end happily he gets stuck in the dimension and the only thing keeping his sanity and giving him hope is the photograph of his family to whom he wishes to return.

Return in Quake Champions

Ranger still has his old classic look the yellow armor and the brown boots but with a better 3D model. he also retains his deep heavy voice.

Ranger Reveal Trailer:


Dire Orb – this is an active ability which he can use to launch an orb and teleport to the location of the orb. enemies hit by the orb take damage and if the orb remains unused it explodes dealing damage to enemies in it radius

Son of a Gun – this is his passive ability which lets him take 20% less self-damage from attacks.

Players will be able to use dire orb for telefragging and even use in a choke point and his passive would come into play when using explosive in closed areas or while using rocket jump.

Quake Champions will release in 2017 for PC. the game is currently running under closed beta if you wish to join it you can Sign up here. For more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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