Darksiders 3 Is Confirmed With Fury As The Playable Horsemen

Release Your Fury in Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3

So it is finally confirmed after 5 years from the release of last Darksiders developer Gunfire Games and Publishers THQ Nordic are coming up with the third installment of the Darksiders’s series Darksiders 3. the upcoming action role-playing hack and slash game will once again take you on the journey of the legendary horsemen but this time you will play as the only female among the four horsemen known as Fury.


Darksiders 3 story is set in a parallel world where War is being held as the prisoner for being wrongly accused of prematurely starting the Endwar. but because the seven seals are now already broken the rest of the horsemen have arrived. Death went on his own journey to prove his brother innocent and so the council choose Fury the sister of War to stop the seven deadly sin who are ravaging the earth.

Who is Fury ?

Fury is rider of the black horse and the one who replaces Famine she is described to be one of the most powerfull, unpredictable and enigmatic horsemen. in the trailers, she can be seen greeting War as a brother but seems to didn’t care much about his little brother being held as a prisoner and when asked by the Council if she would accept the task of defeating the seven sins she gladly accepts it with a smile on her face. she wields a whip for a weapon and can also use magic to fight against the demons to restore the balance on earth

The core gameplay mechanics seems to be the same as its predecessor a large open area for players to explore, with RPG elements to power up your weapon and characters. and moving back and forth to solve the puzzle filled environment.

Here is the Darksiders 3 Official Trailer from the IGN Channel:

The game is being developed by the same developer of Darksiders 1 and 2 but just under a new studio named Gunfire Games.

Darksiders 3 has no release date yet but according to the creators it’s is expected to come out somewhere in 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more information, you can visit the official Website.

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